Louis Marshall Gould: The Virgin Chronicles And Song Book

Louis Mar­shall Gould: The Vir­gin Chron­i­cles And Song Book

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Louis Mar­shall Gould takes us on a colour­ful and mag­i­cal odyssey through Poet­ry, Prose & Song – and Pho­tographs. With vivid illus­tra­tions by RenĂ© MĂ€rtin.


TVC Release Par­ty — 27th August, 2011 at 

Izzy Young’s Folk­lore Cen­trum in Stockholm

René, Izzy and Lou

left to right:  RenĂ©, Izzy and Lou

left to right: René, Ann and Lou

left to right: RenĂ©, Ann and Lou

left to right: Peter, Lou and René

left to right: Peter, Lou and RenĂ©


»The first thing that I noticed about Lou’s poet­ry is that it has the flow and rhythm of a great jazz impro­vi­sa­tion 
 and he’s pret­ty cool too.«
Bertil Strand­berg, Swedish Jazz Great

»It’s as if you sum­ma­rize an entire life, no many lives, and we can steal a glance between these walls and doors.«
Mel­ona, Artist from Gothenburg

»Lou writes direct­ly, shoot­ing from the hip, while land­ing on the tar­get all the time. He deals with the dif­fi­cul­ty of sim­ple words, filled with truth about our lives.«
Izzy Young, Folk­lore and Music Legend

Edit­ed by René MÀrtin and Ann Nehlin